Meet Our Team

Jimmy Gretzinger

Jimmy Gretzinger

Jimmy Gretzinger grew up in the northwestern part of our great state in the town of Ludington. He was always on the water or in the woods growing up and learned many of his outdoor passions from his father and friends. After high school Jimmy was off to Michigan State University where he received a degree in audio and video production. Once an opening became available Jimmy jumped at the chance to join the Michigan Out of Doors team in 1998. In 2001 Jimmy became the Executive Producer of the show and loves the chance to travel the state and highlight the sportsmen and women of Michigan.

His interests in the outdoors are varied as you may imagine, getting to dabble in all the outdoor pursuits. However, of late the spring turkey season and chasing grouse and woodcock have seemed to really light his fire. Of course deer hunting in all its forms holds a special spot for this Michigan hunter. Growing up on Lake Michigan means that summers were the time to fish, and getting to travel all over the state has really broadened his fishing horizons a lot over the years.

Jimmy's job is to keep the show current, fresh, up to date and educational to the Michigan Sportsmen and Women. With a rich history behind him tracing back to the early 50's he has his hands full trying to keep Michigan Out of Doors the premier outdoor show in the state. But, what a fun challenge to have, and what a great state to do it in.

Jenny Olsen

Jenny Olsen

Co-host and producer, Jenny Olsen, grew up in Ortonville, Michigan as part of a family of avid hunters and anglers. Being raised on a farm with five brothers, Jenny developed a love of the outdoors at an early age. Family outings often included pheasant hunts, river fishing for salmon and steelhead, and chasing after deer during archery season.

Jenny's career in outdoor television began in 1999 when she became the Co-Host (and later Associate Producer) of Michigan Out-of-Doors TV. For 5-1/2 years she traveled the state, producing segments that told the great stories of our fellow outdoorsmen here in Michigan. For two years, Jenny also served as Producer & Co-Host of Michigan Out-of-Doors Radio on WJR in Detroit.

In 2005, Jenny left Michigan Out-of-Doors, moved to Texas and took the position of Editor & Videographer for Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV. Later, she moved back to Michigan and continued outdoor video production for a variety of organizations.

Today, Jenny's back on Michigan Out-of-Doors TV! Working with Jimmy Gretzinger, the Executive Producer and new owner of the t.v. show, Jenny tapes, edits, and narrates segments from all across the state. Her favorite stories to tag along on include: ice fishing, bow hunting for deer, women's adventures and anything that helps get kids involved in the outdoors.


Jordan Browne

Jordan Browne grew up in the South-Central part of Michigan, spending most of his adolescence near of the town of Ionia. Growing up on small trout stream with abundant wildlife, Jordan's obsession with the outdoors started at a young age. He, along with a few buddies, began filming deer hunts at age 14.

After graduating High School, Jordan attended Michigan State University where he received a degree in Finance. While attending college, Jordan began working as a part-time as a cameraman for Michigan Out-of-Doors TV. Shortly after graduation, he took on a more fulltime role with the show as an Associate Producer.

Jordan has had the good fortune to hunt almost everything Michigan has to offer, as well as other species throughout the country. Deer hunting remains his number one, but he also enjoys coyote, turkey, pheasant, shed antler and small game hunting. When it comes to fishing, trout and steelhead take center stage, but not far behind are salmon, walleye, and bass.